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Founded in the year 2000, Indorse Technologies is a Saudi Arabian private entity based out of Jeddah. With humble beginnings we soon became an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) in 2004. With Saudi Arabian roots, we truly understand your business needs.

We pride ourselves in being innovators and our products/services aim towards ridding the world of paper based transactions.

We provide a complete solution to facilitate secure and trustworthy e-transaction which are compliant with all leading local and international e-transaction laws. Amongst many other built-in value added features, our service also provides users with enterprise grade security enabling them to secure their digital content and documents from unintended viewers and other perils of the internet.

Our Mission

What we aim for

Our Mission is to transform legal papers transaction to trusted secure paperless transaction.

Our Vision is to increase productivity, efficiency and security of organization transactions.

Our Team

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The Indorse team comprises of talented, qualified and experienced personnel who personify the beliefs of our company. Our team has been painstakingly selected to represent the top in their own respective fields including but not limited to cryptography, online security, anti-fraud systems etc. We along with our sister companies, are focused towards providing superlative e-transaction solutions to our clients eventually aiming for a totally secure paperless environment whether in the business or the consumer segments. Our team, beyond all other factors, shares this common belief and every day we work towards this common aim.

Our Solution

What we offer


Our subscription based service is not about offering a few features; just to be added to that long list of software’s you used once and then forgot of.

We deliver an entire end to end product to handle all of your business or personal, electronic content and document management through its entire life cycle. A few more general points about our service are as follows:-

1. We offer a complete Electronic Content and Document Management Service (ECM) built ground up with our reputable security features deeply embedded to maximize trust and assure safety for your precious data.

2. Our Services are integrated with all existing major ECM, Data Management and ERP software’s (e.g. Alfresco, Oracle, Laserfiche, SAP etc.)

3. Our services give you the ability to transact electronically, endorse and seal PDF documents, collaborate with others, secure or maybe just write a simple email from any device at any point of time without risking your or your firms’ sensitive data.

4. We offer an industry leading mechanism of three-factor authentication assuring your peace of mind, regardless of the type and sensitivity of data you deal with.

A few more detailed aspects and features of our service as below:-


Annotate & Sign Documents

  • Annotate enables users to annotate, write, draw or initial on a PDF, MS Word or other similar document and content file types.

  • When merged with an ECM, Data Management or any other ERP system, annotation provide a means to collaborate with extreme ease leading to higher efficiency in the workplace.

  • Signatures can also similarly be made on any type of document; these can vary from legally binding transactions to maybe just signing a simple letter to your HR department asking for leave.

  • Users can individually decide on the level of security they prefer while working with e-transactions and e-signatures. The highest security level also provides for an option to compare the present signature statistically and dynamically with enrolled signatures and other biometric data.

  • Both annotations and signatures can be executed by any device (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones).

  • They can be affixed by a range of different methods, from using a digital stylus to simple finger gestures on a touch enabled system, with PIN identification or with just a mouse.


Endorse Documents

  • Endorsement permits users or organizations to affix their seals on digital transactions and other electronic documents thereby endorsing the authenticity of the document.

  • This assures the receiver of the document that the organization/firm has authorized the signatory to represent it on its behalf.

  • In some countries an e-transaction document is not valid without the organizations seal, although many of our competitors allow digital signatures, we are the only ones who allow and offer such endorsement services for clients.

  • Endorsement is not just for providing the receiver with satisfaction, it is critically important for mitigating any legal risk which might fall on firms due to unauthorized signatures on their behalf.

  • Endorsements can be affixed upon documents from any device (Desktops, Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones) and by a multiple range of methods (e.g. PIN identification, digital stylus, mouse or touch).


Confidentiality Features

  • Our confidentiality features allow users to lock and un-lock their digital content across a multitude of digital file types.

  • Specially designed for sensitive data and firms prone to corporate espionage.

  • Files can be encrypted using the user’s private key (PIN) or by the intended receivers public key. The encryption is based upon industry leading standards for which we have been awarded numerous patents by countries world-wide.

  • Eliminates potential leaks by proofing the data against photographic capture, hacking of email accounts and other similar breach of security issues.


The Technology Behind It All

  • Indorse leads the way when it comes to securing your data with an industry leading three-factor authentication system. This involves:-

    • Something you know – PIN Identification
    • Something you have – Registered Computer or Mobile Device
    • Something you are - Biometric Signature
  • All user data is stores in a cloud based security module with enterprise grade security.

  • SECURE SIGNATURE™ - A dynamic (biometric) signature solution that captures the dynamic features of a handwritten signature using electronic pens and pads. It performs the following processes-

    • The enrollment process requires three or more captured signatures. Our technology saves the dynamic aspects of a handwritten signature such as speed, pressure and strokes. These parameters are unique and cannot be forged.
    • The verification system utilizes this dynamic data to evaluate whether a signature is authentic or not.
    • Signature data is time stamped with the unique server time then encrypted before sending it back to the data center. This eliminates the possibility of a forger to reuse the signature or use a captured image.
  • Users can upload seals to represent their firms while endorsing. These images are accepted by the system after approvals from the administrator of the firm.

  • Certification authentication is a patented process for digital content ensuring that no tampering or alterations to the document were made after being signed or endorsed.

  • INDORSE is the recipient of various patents by the USPTO, EUPTO, GCCPTO and the Chinese government. Our patented technologies and intellectual patents ensure that our clients receive a service which is at the forefront of innovation.

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For more information about our products and services, our experienced customer service team can help you find exactly what you need and can provide advice on our accessories and delivery options. Our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We look forward to hearing from you.

Zahran Business Center, Sultan Str., Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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