INDORSE CLOUD is the world's complete, digital signature, electronic content management, content protection and exchange software as a service (SaaS). Offering a complete documents workflow that accelerates the digital transformation, making it simple, quick, cost effective and secure to annotate, sign, seal, endorse, protect and collaborate digital documents.




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Lightening Fast

Creating an electronic document, only to have to print a paper copy for obtaining signatures, to then have to rescan the document to send it to the recipient forces your business to spend valuable time, effort and resources on printing, posting, scanning and storing paper documents. This process is long-winded, outdated and unnecessary and can be solved with just the click of a button.


Anywhere Access 

INDORSE CLOUD is the world’s first, Subscription-based digital signature software, content management and document protection service. This means that you can sign, seal or endorse your documents with the click of a button at anytime, anywhere, on whatever device is most convenient to you.



Unlike other signature solutions, INDORSE CLOUD is based in your region and hosted in your local and secure Cloud Data Centers, therefore providing a local service that meet local requirement of government and private organization.


Strong Security

INDORSE CLOUD digital signatures are based on public key infrastructure (PKI) technology and guarantee signer identity and intent, data integrity and the non-repudiation of signed documents. The digital signatures cannot be copied, tampered with or altered. Because signatures are based on standard PKI



In INDORSE CLOUD managers get notified on users’ actions like sign, seal or endorse to detect any fraud action. Manager can be notified on user’s documents actions to properly manage the document workflow. INDORSE CLOUD users can manage permissions on shared document libraries to prevent any wrong access to documents.  Data leakage protection by locking documents, protect documents from fraudulent users.


Services and Features:

  •     PKI Based Digital Signature over the Cloud without the need to download the document for signing it digitally.
  •     Full responsive Web Application with no Add-ons, Plug-ins, smart cards, USB Tokens and no more drivers to        install.
  •    High availability with Disaster Recovery.
  •    Keys are secured in FIPS 140-1 level 2 cryptographic devices in the Cloud controlled by user’s 2 Factors              Authentication Soft Tokens.
  •    Content Management, versioning, permissions, folder rules, indexing, document workflow and Email                  notifications
  •    Trusted enrollment of signatures and seals by e-Pen, Touch or Mouse, in vector format, for copy protection.
  •    Annotate, Sign, Seal and Endorse by e-Pen, Touch or Mouse
  •    Bio metric signature verification; dynamically and statically as 3FA option.
  •    Sign, Seal or Endorse one or many (bulk) documents.
  •    Document Protection to encrypt documents with user’s keys.


INDORSE SOFTWARE  is a service provided to customers by our team based on their requirements to build software for them. This software is either a standalone, add-ons or integration with another software. This software can run on premise, on private cloud or on public cloud.



      Detailed and focused analysis

      Innovative Design

      Development completed on time

      Efficient code

      Easy to use

      Very Secure processes



  • INDORSE is very strong in providing excellent analysis and design services of business problems. These services can provide advanced solutions to business transactions 
  • INDORSE provides software development services to public or private organizations. These services include integrations, add-ons and complete applications. Our team has good experience in developing using JavaScript, Java, C+, C++ and Oracle Java developer.
  •  INDORSE provide software as a service to be used by customer on a monthly or annual subscription basis by customers. INDORSE CLOUD services is one successful example of a software developed by INDORSE and sold as SaaS on a public cloud.


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