Success Stories 





INDORSE CLOUD by INDORSE TECHNOLOGIES was integrated into STC Bluvalt Cloud services. This integration will enable STC Solutions to market and resell INDORSE CLOUD services to Organization and Individuals in Saudi Arabia. With Saudi Telecom Company (STC) as a partner INDORSE can assure the acquisition of the Saudi market.


By integrating our Software into Alfresco ECM software on premise, the SAUDI BINLADEN GROUP ABCD operated at peak efficiency.  Using their standard contract format stored in the on premise ECM, a typical new contract can now be executed and signed in less than 10 minutes. This task would previously, by the paper transaction method, take a minimum of 4 days to complete. Executing contracts for new employees was earlier a tiresome job for their human resource division. The entire process now takes a few minutes by eliminating the need to physically print, transport documents and an efficient workflow.


ACICT is using an Oracle based PDF content management software, due to lack of a secure authentication service an entire division was working around the task of handling their correspondence. Integrating our software has led to a completely revolutionary way in how they handle their correspondence and documents stored on Oracle Web Centre.


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